2015 Speakers

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executive EDGE brings the world's best and brightest minds in laboratory management from around the world to you.

Each speaker at the executive EDGE conference is a global leader in the lab industry doing innovative and groundbreaking things that will impact laboratory management today and in the future.

Facilitated by Robert Michel of the Dark Report our roster of speakers provides stimulating, thought provoking and practical sessions.

What attendees have to say about our Speakers.

Great Speakers/Great subjects all very well done.

Excellent conference; the calibre of speakers was excellent and I hope to have the opportunity to attend again.

Very informative, leading edge educational symposium with highly educated speakers and current trend.

Robert Michel, Editor-in-Chief, The Dark Report, Spicewood, TX, Conference Facilitator
Robert Michel is completely worthwhile, forward thinking, he articulates the conflicts, and above all provides useful information

Jeff Sumner, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Clinical Affairs & Genetics, LifeLabs, Toronto, ON
Amazing presentation, interesting topic and great speaker. 

Gregory J. Tsongalis, Professor of Pathology, The Audrey and Theodor Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, Director, Laboratory for Clinical Genomics & Advanced Technologies (CGAT), Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon, NH
Excellent speaker, with a good sense of humour.  It’s really nice to get an update on such a rapidly moving field from someone who actually knows what is happening and has a persuasive argument for integrating new technologies. 

Malcolm Kendall, Co-founder & CEO, microbiome INSIGHTS, Vancouver, BC
Excellent presentation with fascinating data; thoroughly thought provoking. 

Brad Brimhall, Professor of Pathology and Medicine, University of Mississippi Health Care, Jackson, MS
Excellent.  Hilarious!  Great content & outstanding delivery.  Great examples of how $ can be saved in systems for inappropriate utilization for Senior Management.

Sharon Cox, Core Laboratory Supervisor, Saint Francis Hospital, Tulsa, OK
Very dynamic speaker, knowledgeable and inspiring!!  Sharon’s passion & knowledge about their work was evident!   

Victor Leung, Physician Lead, Antimicrobial Stewardship, Providence Health Care, Vancouver, BC
Excellent presentation demonstrating great collaboration between clinical units. 

Norma Page, Vice President of Clinical Operations, DynaLIFEDx, Edmonton, AB
Excellent!  I attended 2013 session so this was a great follow-up!  Good lessons to learn from and improvement to patient care obvious. 

Peter Goodhand, CEO Global Alliance for Genomics & Health, Toronto, ON
Tremendous international efforts are being put forward by GA4GH.  A fascinating collaboration and great speaker. 

Romney Humphries, Asst. Prof., Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
Excellent information for future consideration. 

Andrew Evans, Director of Telepathology, University Health Network, Toronto, ON
Excellent coverage of a very contentious subject. 

Christopher Naugler, Zone Clinical Section Chief & Associate Professor Departments of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine & Family Medicine, University of Calgary & Calgary Lab Services, Calgary, AB
Great talk, clean data. I took away great ideas from this presentation.  Dr. Naugler’s work will be valuable to us as we try to improve lab test utilization within our own organization.

Zoya Volynskaya, Director, Clinical and Research Informatics, Laboratory Medicine Program University Health Network, Toronto, ON
Very detailed, step by step process presented.  Zoya is clearly an experienced subject matter expert!

See below for
complete rosters of past executive EDGE speakers (pdf)